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LF-30/40 Dimensions

NTL Series - LF-30/40 Dimensions - LF-30/40 NTL Series - LF-30/40 Dimensions - LF-30/40NTL Series - LF-30/40 Dimensions - LF-30/40
Swift, stable conveyance of high volumes of large workpieces

Large-capacity electromagnetic drive unit has strong coil springs positioned at front and rear, and drive controlled by amplitude angle adjustment, to give speedy, steady, straight-line delivery of large-sized workpieces. The low-floored half-wave drive provides uniform amplitude and vibration frequency to eliminate irregularities during high-volume conveyance of large workpieces.


Large size feeder provides smooth workpiece delivery
Large, vibro-isolating feeder that keeps the flow of workpieces smooth through adjustment of leaf-spring angle.

Fast, stable delivery of high volumes of large workpieces
Extremely high conveyance efficiency allows high-volume delivery of large workpieces.

Dial control for free adjustment of conveyance speed
By changing the vibration frequency and amplitude with the dial control, delivery speed can be freely adjusted.