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MF-04C/15C Dimensions

NTL Series - MF-04C/15C Dimensions - MF-04C/15C NTL Series - MF-04C/15C Dimensions - MF-04C/15CNTL Series - MF-04C/15C Dimensions - MF-04C/15C
Compact yet powerful, for speedy delivery and versatile, longer distance conveyance

A new type of electromagnetic drive unit ideal for use with chutes handling very small, flat, and precision parts.
Takes full advantage of merits of half wave operation for smooth conveyance of fragile and easily damaged workpieces.


Compact yet powerful
Small unit size with half wave operation capable of longer distance conveyance.

Speedy delivery, and versatile, longer distance conveyance
High vibration frequency and amplitude give speedy delivery, and can meet a range of loner distance conveyance requirements.

Easy, convenient installation
Compact design takes up little space and allows easy, convenient installation.

*Users are asked to drill holes as requires for chute attachment.