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NTL-200/300/500 Dimensions

NTL Series - NTL-200/300/500 Dimensions - NTL-200/300/500 NTL Series - NTL-200/300/500 Dimensions - NTL-200/300/500NTL Series - NTL-200/300/500 Dimensions - NTL-200/300/500

NTL-200/300/500 are models of linear vibration units designed for small or medium-sized parts feeding, featured in stable feeding capacity, flexible amplitude and frequency, moderate loaded weight, as well as integrated applications of controllable parameters, which can be applicable in multi-working conditions.


Smoothly precisely controlled feeding speed and stability achievable with frequency modulation controllers;


Particularly suitable for the orientating, sorting and feeding of small or medium-sized parts;


Selected materials, comprehensive testing with high safety and good stability;


3 lines of screw holes on the top to facilitate the position adjustment of linear tracks.